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Concrete Covermeter

  • Fast and accurate:

    • Locate and determine orientation of rebar quickly, easily & accurately.

  • Corrosion check:

    • Check for potential corrosion of rebar using the same gauge.

This concrete cover meter not only quickly and accurately identifies the location, orientation, depth and diameter of rebar, but also the potential for corrosion.

Elcometer 331

Locating steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes is essential in the construction and maintenance of structures. 

Damage caused when a drill or a fastener makes contact with a pipe is costly. A drill making contact with rebars or tendon ducts however, not only destroys the drill bit, but can lead to serious structural damage. 
Before carrying out any maintenance work, it is vital to identify the location, orientation and depth of sub-surface metalwork. It is also useful to establish the condition of the metal work and assess the corrosion potential, so maintenance work can be scheduled accordingly.

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